DATE: 02.22.2015

COORDINATES: 48°52'51.1"N 2°20'15.5"E


PLAYLIST: Radio Nova 101.5

WHO: @HylaLeo Schrepel@JNicolle, Martin Darondeau, Maud Barrandon

WHAT: One week before opening their doors to the public the guys behind Le Grand Pigalle thought it would be a good idea to hand us the keys to their hotel. An entire building all to ourselves with no adult supervision...hmmmm...throwing an all night pop-up rave did cross our minds but instead we made this video. Thanks to our Paris based team for pulling this off. Leo Schrepel (director), Martin Darondeau (writer, lobby boy), Maud Barrandon (madam), Charles Darnaud (sound) and from LA Jillian Kliewer (production design). A special thanks goes out to everyone at Le Grand Pigalle especially Romee De Goriainoff, Olivier Bon, Pierre-Charles Cross, Mathieu Alfandari and Valeriya Savchuk.

We shot this film because we love everything the boys do. Romee, Olivier and Pierre-Charles are the same guys behind some of our favorite spots in Paris/London/NYC including the Experimental Cocktail Club, Beef Club and Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels. The Grand Pigalle is a boutique hotel in SoPi, one of Paris' best neighborhoods.  More importantly I would be willing to bet their beds are nicer than anything you sleep on at home. Check them out the next time you're in Paris.